They say change is constant.   Change is necessary and important in one’s life.  Change must always be for the better.  Each morning I wake up deciding that I will do something different today.  The least I can do is to change the arrangement in my house to my liking.  It is just to bring about a change to a  monotonous  life.

At a certain stage in your life you feel stagnant.  You have this gnawing feeling that your life is not really moving ahead.  Nothing can be seen in the horizon.  Something must be done but what it is, is difficult to pin point.
Don’t get dejected, don’t get anxious.  Take a deep breath each morning.  Listen to the music that you love.  Plan to do something different.  Think .  If nothing clicks that day, keep moving on with the aim that you will find something different to do.  That something will be what you love.  But always remember never to give up.  It may take days or even months, just don’t give up.  Sincerely think of something new.  It will happen, be assured.

Today life gives us so many opportunities.  It is up to you to see it, recognise it and get hold of it.  All you have to do is to be aware all the time.  Be with yourself.  You are your best support.

So friends, those of you who are fed up of doing the same things day after day.  Want a change but are afraid to take the plunge ?  Be brave and trust yourself.  Change is always good if the intentions are good.


I need a change,
From all the humdrum
That life sometimes offers.

I need to change,
And view my life
In different angles rather than suffer.

I need a change,
From my broken thoughts
By just picking the good that’s not hurting.

I need to change,
And accept with
Open arms all those who care ,without fretting.

I need a change,
And I’m determined
For that’s where my happiness is hiding.


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  1. priyankajoshi says:

    Enjoyed reading this lovely post. I was stuck into something which can bring a huge change in my life but your post motivated me. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Florence Lobo says:

    Good read. We need the change in our life.

    Liked by 1 person

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