The image I conjure up when saying the word is someone red in the face, puffing and fuming and I can also see the smouldering heat coming out of the person !  The image seems funny but the person who is going through it will never find it funny.  On the contrary, you may get a few punches for having a stupid grin on your face.

Beware of anger and  an angry person.  There are  not only a lot of physical changes that occur, but also chemical changes in the body that are detrimental to one’s health.
Anger is spontaneous.  Sometimes there is a valid reason for being angry and letting out one’s emotion.  But most often it is our disposition that needs to be blamed.  For some, anything can trigger the emotion and for others it takes time to start a friction. We often excuse ourselves by saying that it was the fault of the other person.  All said and done, have you ever thought about how the one receiving it is feeling?  Was the anger thrown on the person justified.?  Have I unknowingly made the matter a little too personal?  Very often an angry person rarely stops to think.  Whatever is spoken in anger can never be taken back.  Words once uttered cannot be swallowed back.  So friends, anger can damage you physically as well as emotionally.  Relationships are broken owing to a fit of anger that cannot be repaired.  You are left with just regret.

Those who are having anger within them and feel that it has caused a lot of damage to their relationships, whether platonic or deep, please change now.  Meditate.  Meditation is the best solution to keep you calm.  Meditate early morning and before retiring to bed.  It will definitely calm you down.  I am no doctor but I have experienced the advantages of meditation.  The fact that you are aware of your problem, is the first step to improvement.  It is not too late to begin today.


Don’t puff and fume at me
I am no toy – just look at me
I am close to your heart
Was once said to me – we’d never grow apart.

Mistakes we all commit
whether brother, sister, wife- there’s no limit
But do you need to speak so and blurt
So that the heart begins to hurt?

Your tantrum can break the bond
with all those whom you are fond
don’t let your words  resound
For the words meant not can be profound.


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  1. Florence Lobo says:

    Very true. Well written!

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