Nature In All It’s Splendour

Every morning soon after the sun rises I never fail to look out of my kitchen window.  It overlooks a peepal tree , a mango tree with several other small trees of papaya and a slim tall drumstick tree .  The sun rays glisten on these leaves and the gentle breeze that passes over these leaves makes them flutter with joy.  Morning birds are seen sitting over these branches waiting for me to throw some foodgrains for their morning meal.  I can see them sitting patiently waiting for me to  feed them, no complaints, no noise while they wait silently.   It is actually they who wake me up each morning with their chirping.  And if I am delayed for some reason, there is an untold silence saying , ” We are waiting.” This is such a wonderful experience.  If I miss this ritual my day does not feel complete.

Nature is the best cure for any emotional problem.  Just being close to nature, even if it is a small potted plant that you are caring for,  gives you a feeling of fulfillment.  A bouquet of flowers brings joy for no reason.  Colourful flowers resplendent with its soft fragrance lifts your spirit.   The different shades of green that adorns the trees gives such a lush colour to your garden.  The silence of nature speaks volumes.  Nature’s silence gives out the much needed solution you would otherwise never receive in a noisy world like ours.

Nature is God’s way of saying, ‘ You are Loved’.

Respect nature in all its forms.  The universe will in turn respect you.  I’d like to quote W. H.Davies poem Leisure , “What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and  stare…..” Let us  make time to revel in nature’s splendour.


Let me lie on the green velvet

And watch the silent mountain 

Standing like sentinel

beckoning me to climb its peak

So I can touch the clouds.

Let me lie on the green velvet

And watch the water fall

Flowing like milk 

An example of  abundance

Sent from above.

Let me lie on the green velvet

And watch the swaying trees

Leaves like emerald

And flowers to crown

Those who care to watch .


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