I have known of so many success stories that began with a dream. Without following a dream it is difficult to reach anywhere. You will just be wandering. A dream gives you a goal to reach for. Sometimes it is a dream that can help you focus on your future and if the dream is teamed with hardwork then a success story is formed.

Those who are afraid to dream, reach nowhere. You need to help yourself to make your dream come true.

No one can take away your dreams from you. They are yours to keep. So dream big and believe in them. Riding the dream wagon could reach you to places that you’ve always hoped for. There is no limit to dreams. Only know the difference between the real world and dreams. As long as you don’t lose your way , continue your journey of happiness – just dream…….

I want to colour my dream box with different hues. And when I open it , the world will look at it in awe.
Dream….dream big – It is only the dead who don’t dare to dream!


I dream
Of a sunlight that warms
Cold hearts

I dream
Of a rainbow that colours
Broken rooftops

I dream
Of twinkling stars that brighten
Dwindling art

I dream
Of a simple world that cares
Another’s heart.


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  1. alkaraj1956 says:

    Kya baat hai

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