As a teacher you often hear the words “Sorry Ma’am” and I have learnt to acknowledge it with a pinch of salt.

Little children make mistakes and we tend to forgive and forget. But when mistakes are committed by adults , we flare up. Inadvertent mistakes are forgivable but mistakes done repeatedly can get on your nerves.

People think that by saying the word ‘ sorry ‘, one can get past all crimes. The word is used so arbitrarily that its value is deteriorating.Please do use the word sparingly. And when you do use it , mean it. You don’t lose your self respect by saying the word. It carries alot of weight so don’t just throw it away or give it away without feeling it.

That one word can patch up friends, couples, siblings, parents and so many other relationships.If you don’t wish to use it, avoid hurting others, it will never be needed then .

A heartfelt sorry can move a hard heart.


Say sorry,
When you have wronged someone
And it’s outcome you worry.

Say sorry,
When you have hurt unknowingly
And the guilt you want to bury.

Say sorry,
When you actually meant no harm
And your cheeks turn to cherry.

Say sorry,
Friends it doesn’t cost a dime to say
The word even if in a hurry!


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  1. twila Hill says:

    i lik this blog

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  2. Raj says:

    Nice post

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  3. Janet Brown says:

    I think you also have to show sorry by actions. It is not enough to simply say. That shows that you are sincere and you recognize your mistake.
    Please visit Much appreciated. Thank you

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    1. True Janet, I agree.. Thanks for your opinion!


  4. Avani says:

    Nicely written, most of use the word sorry after mistakes, but do not agree with our children mistakes

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