I am grateful for the sun that shines…
Nature’s Abundance…

Let me begin by first saying that I am grateful for all that I have.  I am grateful.  A small statement but it covers up all that you want to say.
We rarely stop to thank and be grateful for what the universe has to offer.  All that which surrounds us is a miracle in itself. Be grateful for being alive to see the wonders of the universe.
The Universe has given you so much .  What have you given the universe in return?  When you give,  you get back tenfold.  Do something to get connected.  Be aware.  There is abundance around you.  All you need to do is acknowledge, accept and give in return.  The fact that you are healthy and alive to make the most of what you have, is in itself a wonderful thing.
Today I thought of observing nature around me and understanding the importance of the environment in my life.  I have decided to enjoy the breath of fresh air, the gentle breeze that blows, the chirping of birds and enjoy the people around me by giving back with a kind smile or a kind word.  I have decided to be aware .  To humbly accept what I have. Life is beautiful. I am grateful. I am thankful.
Gratitude is a humble attitude of thankfulness….

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  1. Mow Debnath says:

    I think gratitude is very important in dark, uncertain times like this. Thank you for raising attention to this!

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  2. Rupesh R says:

    Nice one

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  3. sensepara says:

    Wow,thank you

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  4. Aqib Zeb says:

    Great… Gratitude brings back hope..A good effort.

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  5. Really amazing and helpful…..

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  6. Nita says:

    I love this blog…reminds me of One of my favorite quotes which goes as follows-“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day–or to celebrate each special day.” Rasheed Ogunlaru…. Gratitude changes our perception of life and we will learn to appreciate our lives more

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    1. True Nita. Thanks for loving this blog. Let’s continue to appreciate all that is around us.


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