What a common topic to write on! But strangely this is something that very few value. Is it because it appears to be easily available? Or is it because we are so indifferent towards it that we don’t notice it slipping away?

These words “time waits for no one” is so apt. Time flies and you cannot catch it so don’t let it pass without making good use of it. Time does not wait for your regrets. If you regret, then you are alone. It will never turn around and cross the same path. So what is lost is lost forever.

I know of many who have regrets in life about there not being sufficient time.  ” Had I time at hand I would’ve done it.” – to avoid this, manage your time well.  Do not do things that is a waste of time.  Utilise your time wisely.

Time is precious.  Anything you do must have a good purpose behind it or else your act is worthless.  You are here to give a purpose to life.  Once you have attained it,  you have reached your goal, you will be sure then that you have utilised your time perfectly.  Knowing this gives immense satisfaction

So begin now. The face of your watch must not be ignored. The more familiar you are with it the more you understand yourself. You will never falter, for the ticking of the clock will keep you in step.

A punctual man is a polished man.


When time unveils her face
Her hands move my life
And what happened yesterday
Is now just a trace.

Time is oh so graceful !
Her every movement
Is like a missed heartbeat
For all her help I am grateful

Time is my mother
Only she can tell me
What I must do
And what not for another

Time I must keep
So close to my heart
For without her presence
I could just forever sleep.


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  1. Cedric Noronha says:

    Very good post. Your have penned down a nice poem about time. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nita says:

    So well written!!! Definitely food for thought!

    Liked by 1 person

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