Every school begins with an assembly by praying to God at the beginning of the day. After finishing school, the habit dies out. We rarely inculcate it in our daily lives , until and unless we are in deep trouble.

Did you know that just sitting in silence and connecting yourself to the spiritual world gives an inner peace? Knowing that there is a God who is watching over you and therefore will not let any harm come near you is so comforting.

Prayer is not religion. Prayer has no caste or creed. Prayer is a universal act. It is a oneness with the Eternal Being.

Spend just ten minutes of the 24 hours given to you in silent prayer. Not just asking but thanking Him for what you have, however small it may be.

If you make this your habit, it builds a confidence in yourself and you begin to accept the life you have by picking out the good in it.


Prayer to me
Is the time for contemplation
Of what I must do to change my decision

Prayer to me
Is just thanking
For being able to work without sinking

Prayer to me
Is asking Him
To encourage those whose life seem dim

Prayer to me
Is a silent conversation
With Him who knows all my tribulation.


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  1. Kalpesh powar says:

    Good article šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ

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  2. Miguel G says:

    Great article


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