Communicating with words and action is something that we living creatures do naturally. There are some who are vociferous while others use minimal expressions to communicate.
It is easy to understand the one who communicates and expresses through words but what about those who avoid communicating owing to some prejudices or lack of skills?
How can one help such souls who are living in prejudices that are eating away their life when it could be so much easier by just confronting the person or the problem?

I know of a parent with two siblings – one who lacked communication skills while the other was skilful in getting his words and feelings across. The one who communicated well got closer while the other moved into her shell. Slowly it became difficult for the parent to understand her growing teenager and soon things became from bad to worse.

Parents please keep knocking on your child’s door to receive a response. Even though you may be snubbed, make them feel that you are there for them always, despite the prejudices.

Very often spouses too feel neglected because of lack of communication. Be aware and take the first step by leaving your ego aside. Alot of misunderstandings can be ironed out by just communicating. And what a relief it is !

Communication is the only bridge to help you cross over the turbulent waters of misunderstandings and prejudices.


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