If you feel this is not important to you , then you are very wrong. Appreciation goes a long way. It is a lengthy word but the shortest way to gain someone’s trust. We are often not generous in giving it. Whether it’s your spouse, child or your colleagues, we all crave for it. To be able to appreciate, you need to be conscious of the people around you and their action towards you. Be mindful, do not be indifferent. Be aware. There is someone desperately waiting for your appreciation. It may be your child, your spouse, your colleague or an employee.

By saying the words “You did well”, or even just “Good” will bring a smile. The mind relaxes. And if you have appreciated someone then be assured of getting better results the next time , and mind you , your spouse too will get closer to you with renewed faith and trust. What better way to win a heart!

A small appreciation in word or kind to your employees will definitely boost your sales. The work atmosphere gets congenial. An appreciation is a great motivator.

Children too love to be appreciated. Whether in school or home, do not ignore a good work done. Give it to them by gifting them something small or just patting them on the back, will help immensely.

Please remember to appreciate generously and honestly . This will surely get you some in return. It makes a happy place to live and work in. And above all, it leaves an air of satisfaction over everyone.

To appreciate and be appreciated are two wings for the flight of motivation. You need each other to reach a goal.

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  1. Rightly said, people don’t remember how you look but always remember how you made them feel!!


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