Not long ago I thought I had what is called writer’s block.  Sometimes I wonder if it is just a hypothetical idea. Does this writer’s block really exist?  Or is it that you are not inclined to the arts (as practicality takes the upper hand) so you just don’t move ahead.  I guess with me, this is exactly what has happened.  Being a teacher has kept me so busy with students, the clerical work that we do along with teaching and then the notes- some research, I have hardly had the time to actually sit back and think at leisure and then ponder and write.  Then, all of a sudden came the virus – Corona virus that shook us all and changed our perspective to life itself.  Schools closed indefinitely and soon l began to settle into the lockdown routine that gave me ample time to think, ruminate, get bored and thus help myself get creative.

Frankly, I owe this to Coronavirus that has kept us home, changed our lifestyle, brought us down to think and make the most of what we have.  We got on to simple living by only worrying about our daily needs and nothing more.  No unnecessary entertainment, no outings or gallivanting down main street or window shopping.  Life was slow, humdrum yet simple, not complicated and I wondered why?  The answer came to me after much contemplation – I have been out of my workplace so no interaction with many of my kind – I mean teachers.  Therefore, no interaction with students which usually gives rise to many social problems.  So, there were no adjustments to make, no compromises so less burdensome for the mind.  My online classes were going on without screaming, shouting or even swallowing up anger or words that would erupt at the slightest provocation.  I now enjoyed my online classes.  Making Power point presentations became interesting and I could teach with less disturbances. So, teaching became effective.  But eventually any routine becomes monotonous and soon this online teaching became boring and I started craving for some interaction with my students.  I began missing their rantings when assignments were given, their scowls and sulky faces when a surprise test was announced.  I began to miss that connection- that human sensitivity towards my job.  Sigh.  This is what coronavirus has given us ,  it has made us realize what we were unaware of;  We were living like robots.  Our lives lacked sensitivity to what was around us.  We never turned round to empathize with the beggar on the road nor looked at the road we regularly travelled with that inner eye.  We took everything for granted.  Today, seeing so many in such a despairing condition financially and physically, and realizing its repercussions to the future,  I feel regret at not cherishing the moments that have gone by.  Moments that will never repeat itself. The apprehension that will I be able to walk into school freely without fear of catching a cold that could turn out to be the virus or will I be able to sit in a restaurant with family and friends without the anxiety whether the food is clean or the table and spoons sanitized?  Oh, there are a hundred questions and yes there is this one more thought- will I have to wear a mask always wherever I go ?!

So much on my mind and on so many others who are probably coping with loneliness owing to isolation.  Let us pray that this will pass too.  The vaccine will be our hope to a healthy future.  And I promise that this new future will keep me more alert and aware of my surroundings and I shall learn to appreciate the life around me.  Do I thank Coronavirus for this enlightenment,  or should I despise it for bringing us into this situation?  I am in a dilemma….


Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!

I am down with dirty pots ‘n pans

Down with the sweeping ‘n mopping; oh, my tired hands

Thanks to this lockdown

My hustling maid is resting hands down!

Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!

Sleep is the only rescue to avoid boredom

My lil house has become my kingdom

The idiot box , my time to intox

And Whatsapp my only detox!

Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!

My window is my only world to see

Stray dogs sleeping, wandering hungry

Birds flying wondering…..happy?

I wait for the ring of my doorbell – but still.

Life has surely come to a standstill


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