You know, it is the easiest thing to do, yet many of us do not use it in our day to day life.  What is there to smile about?  How foolish to just smile at a stranger!  But really, this is the best icebreaker.   No words can match up to a smile.  While I type out the word SMILE I just can’t stop myself from smiling – its infectious.  Try it.  You smile at someone and you can be sure to receive one in return.

You know smiles are of different kinds – soft smiles, hesitant smiles, smile full of love, smile full of appreciation, welcome smile, goodbye smile and there is a naughty smile too.  Please do smile, it activates your facial muscles.  It always makes you happy even if it is just for a second.  It is one action that does not require words to express.  The receiver understands simply.

I remember a student of mine who told me “Ma’am, why don’t you smile?”  That’s when I realised I was so immersed in my personal problem that I hadn’t smiled the entire day.  Children observe.  Whether parents or teachers, children understand that underlying emotion of tension and it vibrates.  Ever since that incident, I have begun to leave my personal baggage at home when I am at work.  Even though you may not be in a great mood, just a smile in the morning does make your day better.  It radiates within you and spreads outside.  It touches many a life you may not be aware of. Remember it doesn’t cost you a dime but you can gain a dozen!


It speaks volumes

Tho’ it is just a movement

From cheek to cheek

 It’s a flower that blooms

A stranger or a friend

A smile for free, will

Neither empty your pocket

Nor leave you at a dead end

You may be ugly, sad or pretty

Your beautiful smile

Will make you and all

Ever so happy


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