It is a formidable word. The word itself makes us subconsciously stand to attention. We often correlate the word to the army or military and even school. But truly this can change your life and your lifestyle.

From early childhood , my mother especially tried to bring discipline into our lives. It was often resented by us siblings back then. But today those little rules of waking up early, doing one’s bed, eating breakfast before stepping out has helped us a long way.
Discipline often begins at home. So if you are a parent please do make time to discipline your child. Starting early in life becomes easier than beginning late.

Discipline doesn’t work overnight. You have to make it a habit which slowly becomes a part of you. Life becomes smooth. All the small crinkles that come in the way get easily ironed out by just being disciplined.

Firstly be mindful of what you are doing in your day to day life. Analyse and think if what you are doing is helping you in your growth, only then imbibe it into your lifestyle. When you are disciplined , not only your body but your mind too begins working in unison which results in a boost to your self esteem. Even if the task is as small as clearing away clutter in your home or office or just placing your shoes in the right place is also commendable.

Begin by waking up early each morning. Connect with nature. Then mindfully follow your tasks for the day without cheating yourself. Remember you love yourself and all that you do is for the ultimate good. Be happy with yourself and ofcourse be positive so that disciplining yourself doesn’t become a painful task. This often happens when you have cultivated a bad habit and despite knowing it is not good for you , you are unable to get rid of it. The fact that you recognise it as a bad habit is the first step of disciplining yourself. So don’t be afraid to take the first step and even though you may falter, keep moving on and push yourself to your goal. What is important is taking those small steps consciously. Remember you can achieve this only with Discipline.

A principled person is often a disciplined person.


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  1. I woke up early this morning but hated every minute of it. Am still in a daze right now working on my blog, but this was a great post to read to keep me going. Thanks for this, Caroline!

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