At some point in one’s life, one does face the fear of loneliness. Be it a child who fears being left alone without the assuring hand of his parents or an adult who faces loneliness at the Twilight of his/her life often when one has lost a partner.

You cannot get rid of loneliness, therefore learn to accept it. Learn to face it. Remember this loneliness sometimes can help you come closer to yourself. It often opens your eyes to the many mistakes you may have made without you being aware of.

So brace yourself from this fear. Keeping yourself busy is the best solution and stop pitying yourself because pity makes you weak. Having a pet to take care of is surely satisfying. Those who are not too fond of pets can also try gardening. Staying close to nature and connecting with it gives immense solace. Helping others will definitely help you rid yourself of loneliness.

There are so many solutions. At some point in your life you will come to face loneliness. Running away is fruitless so be prepared to come to terms with it and life goes on….


I feared you as a child
My classroom though full
You stealthily stepped in
A warm smile from another
Alas! loneliness got killed

I feared you as a teenager
My peer group was huge
And then you stepped in
But the hand of my friend
The assurance my treasure

I feared you in my youth
I had reaped success
And you again showed your face
When my failures dear friends
Was what revealed the truth

Now that I am old
I knew you would show up
No friend to guide me
No partner for support
Yet I moved on reminiscing stories untold.


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