On this day, in retrospect, I don’t think I could’ve chosen anything better than being a teacher. And surely nothing would’ve suited me better. I am a teacher today is because of a number of teachers who have touched my life in different ways.

India is celebrating Teacher’s Day today and I feel proud of being recognised atleast once in a year. It is a known fact that teachers are treated as backbenchers in the world of professionals although they should be put on a pedestal for accepting a yeoman’s task of shaping young minds and our future.

Being a teacher is not a bed of roses which most of my friends think, what with all the holidays it entails. But little do they know what it feels like waking up each morning with the anxiety and hope for your planned work to go smoothly-every teacher’s dream come true. Very rarely does every class happen the way you want it to. You are often at your nerves end till the end so as to reach your goal of learning achieved alongside the concern of the child’s emotional development. What a task! By the end of the day each teacher feels like she has successfully come out of a hurricane. And I am sure every teacher will agree with this.

Teachers interact with so many children with their emotional challenges that most of the time , her decisions made at the spur of the moment often leaves an indelible impression upon the child. Remember, teachers are humans too who play the role of superhumans, so sometimes they can falter.

It is often said that teaching is not just a profession but a calling. Not all are ready to sacrifice their life to the lives of children with the underlying aim of bringing out the best in them. It seems so mundane ! Yet it is an everlasting challenge. And if this spark dies in you then the spirit of a teacher dies. Wherever you go whether shopping, swimming or picnicking you will always carry that invisible and sometimes heavy badge with you which says : I am a teacher. You cannot play around with it and pretend it doesn’t exist because in the end you have to face yourself.

So being a teacher is having high ideals with the onus on you to pass on these ideals to your students alongwith the hope that it spreads far and wide. However, today the scene is different. Both the teacher and the taught are unable to stand up for what they deserve. I do not wish to go into reasoning for the slips made by either. Let’s not falter again but help revive each other to a better world. Corona virus or lockdown nothing can stop us from teaching, learning and helping lives to be better individuals.


I see you each morning
Your smile so fresh
Keeps me alive
It charges the feeling

I know not the troubles that lies
Behind your sweet smile
But it helps us both
As time just flies

You have shown me
The first steps of writing
But how to learn without you
Is what you have taught me

I am difficult sometimes
You fail to understand me
But the effort you put in
Is what fulfils our lives

You have been my inspiration
From the very beginning
Today I am you
Is because of your motivation.


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