“He is a bully!” are words we often throw at people in jest. But bullying is truly an action we must beware of. It begins very early, from a child who understands emotions such as anger, hate and jealousy, to an adult who has helped grow these emotions within him.

The people who have probably seen a bully first hand is a mother, then a teacher and it gradually and surely proceeds to the workplace. What I mean is that if the child is seen bullying his siblings at home and if he is not corrected, then surely he will carry this attitude to school and then to his workplace. Parents must put an end to bullying at home. Nip it in the bud and make sure you tell your child that the behaviour was not approved. Also the victim must be assured that he is secure at all times and displaying the emotion of fear is what attracts a bully. So be brave, bullies are cowards.

I remember a student in my class who would bully his classmate in bringing food that he desired to eat so that he could eat it during lunch break. Every morning at prayer time I would observe this boy make signs from across the class asking whoever it was whether he had brought the stated food or not. I had no idea to whom these signs were made at that time and I overlooked it as child’s play. After a week or so a parent came to me revealing the truth. She said that her son was being bullied by this boy everyday. He would keep demanding foods like chicken nuggets, pizza and burgers to be brought to school for break. The poor victim, if he refused to follow the menu, then he would be beaten up. And mind you this was not a gang but just this boy bullying , alone! The poor victim’s mother kept sending such food items day after day wondering how is that her son has suddenly started having such a varied appetite. Then one fine day the victim refused to go to school. He cried and cried and despite all the efforts of the parents this poor kid refused to attend school. After some cajoling the boy then spilled the beans. Of course the bully was suspended.

Such incidents will not need to happen if the victim is strong enough to approach an adult immediately instead of letting the bully believe that he has achieved success. Bullies are cowards who look around for weak and timid souls to attack. Their physique should not scare you from seeking help from authorities nor from your family who are the best people who can come to your rescue. Succumbing to bullies will just lead you further towards embarrassment and you will begin to hate yourself.

Always remember that you have not committed a crime, you have not wronged anyone then why be afraid? Be sure of yourself, be brave and move on by bulldozing these bullies as you get ahead in life. And don’t look back!


He would hit me hard
If I refused to join in his fun
Of pranking my old neighbour
By taking him off guard.

He breathed down my face
If I refused to complete
His pending homework
I must do it without a trace

He would demote me
If the file I found
With all its discrepancies
Wouldn’t be sent up with a fee

This bully now I cannot let go
My world would’ve been a better place
The way I wish it should
If only I had voiced a loud and strong ‘No’


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