Everyone knows about it. Whether you are addicted or not, you are aware of its adverse effects, then why is addiction still a global menace? Some countries have ostensibly legalised certain drugs. But has this helped?

More than adults, the fear of children/minors getting addicted is our major concern. Yet most governments all over the world give half – hearted support to curb this menace. The graph of addicts keeps spiralling. A time will come when all will be at a loss and raise their hands in defeat while this addiction will grip it’s tentacles tighter around the addicts. I am not talking only about drugs but addiction to alcohol and cigarettes too is a menace.

Those most threatened are the teenagers. They are the ones who easily fall into the clutches of addiction. Be it drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, once you fall into this dark pit you need a strong hand to lift you up.

Most often addicts come from broken homes and when there is no one to help overcome their problems emotionally, they fall deeper into the abyss. Why are teenagers prone to addiction? It is mainly because of a broken home which is overwhelming at that age. And peer pressure adds salt to the wound.

There are a hundred reasons for addiction and we need to help such individuals who have probably great talent but is suppressed under the ever gnawing addiction.

Parents, teachers, counsellors and peers unitedly can help bring the individual together and help him find his ground. A mammoth task knowing there are thousands of young who are addicted with different degrees of addiction! But must we give up?

I am aware of a number of NGOs that are putting in maximum time and effort to help such individuals overcome their addiction, but is that enough? There are so many facing problems around . We as citizens must get educated on this issue, be sensitive and alert by helping our neighbourhood. If spurned, think of another route to approach, and understand that helping one addict is helping a family.

The Indian government flashes warnings on the adverse effects of smoking and drinking which is printed on cigarette packets and alcohol boxes. The same is flashed on advertisements for the same and not to forget the cinema and television! They don’t fail to flash it there too! Is this practically enough to help people refrain from smoking and drinking? Moreover, there is no decrease or rationing in the manufacture of these addictive products. I strongly feel that apart from doing what you can call lip- service, it is important for the government to have rehabilitation homes for those addicted. All schools should compulsorily have special sessions by counsellors who must take the matter at hand and be given the liberty to approach the subject in the way it is deemed fit. This must go hand in hand with the government’s initiative too. This will definitely help a number of youth from wasting away their precious life.


I saw him young, laugh and play
I saw him ask his friends,
Let me spend with you the day

And then I saw another
Walk away from home ‘n family
Because his dad beat up his mother

I saw the needle that gave the prick
And I watched the smoke
the drug had done its trick

Oh help him please
He is lying in a trance
Don’t ignore, his pain we must release

Just be there
not only to talk and hold
But also tell him his troubles we’ll share

And when he stumbles
Do help him stand
So he bravely faces life without grumbles


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