I have often asked students what is their hobby during the process of introduction at the beginning of each academic year and I most often get a blank look or a most predictable reply : mobile games, PUBG, PlayStation…. Cannot blame them! We parents buy these games and then are unable to time them. Soon it becomes an addiction. Then you begin hating the sight of your child with that mobile sitting all day. So inactive!

Today’s children take to such devices from just few months old.  Like a one -year -old child so comfortably swipes his parents’ mobile and this impresses us.  This is enough to tell you what the child’s future will be if not moulded well.

How to keep your child away from such devices and encourage them to do some constructive work is today’s parents’ main problem and duty. And this is surely not an easy task.
I have known several parents who have come to me pleading to help their child rid of this menace. Today it is a menace if not well timed. I have often told parents that the only way is to never give in to their tantrums.

All parents do not take heed to this advice and soon I find some students sleeping during class and unable to focus on the lectures. School becomes boring, daily chores become a drag and eventually these children begin to face major social issues. Their conversation will only relate to their game. Those not a part of it are either ostracised from the group or they are forced to join the game to be a part of the group.  Children sit up late in the night playing these games and teenagers especially cannot part with their mobile which is so close to their heart that I am sure we begin envying the mobile for the attention given.  We know all this is going on in the background but how many of us react or act against this?  It is only when the college/school scores dip that we sit up and make rules which is too late.

Therefore, help your child choose a hobby by first introducing him/her to a wide variety, like reading, writing, gardening, painting etc.  Then let him/her decide.  However, give your child the space and time to choose.  Something will definitely interest him/her, but the initiative is yours.

 A hobby will help him go far in life. It is like a raft on rough seas which he is bound to face in his life. It is only this raft that will help him find the shore and move on. It is only this hobby that will stay with him in all the ups and downs of life. When all else fails, it is this hobby that will keep him kicking and alive.

So please do help your child hold on to a hobby and you will be investing wisely in your child’s future. Make time. Time is so precious. What you have done today will help your child in his future. Think of what a whole and complete human being he/she will be.  Act now before it is too late. Believe me, I am trying it with my kids.  It is difficult but I am not giving up, Best of Luck!

I Create, thanks to you

I made a beautiful boat

I let it sail in the river

Dad showed me the way

Today I remember each fold.

Mom, I stitched your apron

I made a mistake

I pricked my finger

But now I know how to hold

I painted a picture brother

 Didn’t look like what I made

Yet you didn’t jeer

 Now I remember the mistake

I played a song sister dear

T’was from your collection

You sang the words aloud

Today l understand the meaning

Each creation is what makes you

 With this creation I remember you

Whatever I have created

Is thanks to you….


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  1. Usha iyer says:

    Wow nicely put

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